Electronic Fingerprinting (Live Scan)

Live Scan Fingerprinting

Electronic fingerprint background checks may be required by specific state agencies for certain industry or licenses.With advancements being made in biometrics, the electronic fingerprinting process has become so convenient for employers and their applicants. The live scan fingerprint check has become a convenient and time efficient way of making criminal activity transparent to  employers.

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Non-Fingerprint Background Check Services (Packages)

Name Search Check

Most companies do not realize the hiring risk involved when a background check is not performed. By tapping an online database with a potential hire’s name, you are able to find everything from registered sex offender searches to name-based state background checks, driving record inquiries and so much more.

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Non-Fingerprint Background Check Services (A La Carte)

Drug Screening

Drug Screening Services

Most companies do not realize the hiring risk involved when a drug test is not performed. Individuals who abuse drugs can pose a risk of causing a workplace accident, which could result in costly litigation and reputation damage towards your company. A drug-free workplace is a key component in providing a secure, productive environment for employees. Its advantages are many, and may include better worker’s compensation ratings, lower tardiness and absenteeism, and higher corporate profitability.

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Applicant Tracking Services (Appliedify.com)

Applicant Tracking Software

Appliedify is committed to helping businesses protect themselves in every way possible. Appliedify accelerates the license or hiring process by giving you the opportunity to post on various job boards. Our applicant tracking software allows you to communicate to potential candidates from start to finish. When you believe you have the right candidate, you can request background checks and/or drug screening, send any necessary documentation and extend offers. Appliedify allows important decisions to be made in a timely, convenient and cost-effective manner.

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